What is LAMDA?

LAMDA stands for the 'London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art' and

is the examining body for the exams our students take. LAMDA exams are

accessible for all ages and are taken all over the world! There are a number

of syllabus' to choose from, but we specialise in Acting, Verse and Prose,

Introductory Exams and Musical Theatre (private lessons only).

We are proud to have a 100% pass rate for all of our students! 












Why take a LAMDA exam?


LAMDA Exams are fantastic for confidence building - this is one of the main reasons that parents get in touch. These exams also provide fantastic life skills, that can be used in so many jobs leading into adulthood, including presentation skills, speaking clearly, using eye contact and building muscle memory. 

This also compliments those who would like to go into the performing industry, especially when it comes to auditioning for drama school.


When will I take an exam?

We encourage students to take an exam at least once a year. This means that they are always working towards an end goal, but without too much pressure. This works well with the grading system and means the students grow in maturity perfectly with the exams. 

We usually have two exam sessions a year - in March and November. Most students do one or the other. We always try to enter our students in local exam centres and exams are usually held on a Sunday. You/your child will only have to attend the exam day for the length of the exam itself. 

This however is very individual to your child. Some children work faster than others and we will never enter a child for an exam if they're not ready.

What does the exam entail?

Each exam is different, but all exams are broken down into a performance section and a theory section. This all takes place at the same time in the exam room and the theory section is completed verbally with the examiner in the room.

How does the grading system work?

LAMDA Exams are broken down into the following grades:

Introductory Exams:


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

All other syllabus':




Level 1 - Grade 1

               Grade 2

               Grade 3


Level 2 - Grade 4

               Grade 5


Level 3 - Grade 6 (Bronze Medal)

               Grade 7 (Silver Medal)

               Grade 8 (Gold Medal)

All medal grades provide UCAS points that can be used when applying to university in the UK - for more info on this, please visit the LAMDA website here - UCAS Information

For each exam, you will be awarded either a Pass (50%), Merit (65%), Distinction (80%)

What can I do to help my child?

We love when parents are involved with their child's exam! 


It's so important that students are rehearsing at home in-between lessons and your support in this is essential. It's clear to us that students who have their parents help will learn more quickly and feel more confident in going in to their exam. We've found that just 10 minutes concentrated, rehearsal time, twice a week can make an incredible difference! 

Please stay in touch with us! If you don't know what your child is supposed to be learning, please do ask. We are always happy to chat you through what is needed. This is really important if your child is of primary school age. 

For more info on all things LAMDA, please do not hesitate to get in touch!